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The Rescue Limited Edition Giclees current count

I was asked earlier today what the status (particularly current remaining count) of the 32×22 (full sized) giclees are, and since I feel it may interest repeat visitors and new visitors alike…

Old Becomes New

New old items will become available gradually between now and January.

Sepia Saturday – Free drawings

On Saturday November 28th of 2009, Spend more than $100 My Store, and receive an 8.5 x 11 inch drawing, drawn on 400-lb 4-ply archival bristol board in pencil.* (read the full entry for terms and conditions)

Of Books and Other Things

I’m getting closer to being done with this series, and finished with the book… well, the art book anyway.

Pieces to be Available at Steamcon

This is a listing and gallery of the original artworks and prints I plan to have available at Steamcon, pending their approval.

New Pricing, New Price-Saving Options on Giclees

1) There is now an option to buy giclees unstretched and unmounted.
2) Shipping on these items has been greatly reduced as a result.
3) Gallery mounted giclees (no need for frames) are now available.

Etsy Sales

Because October is almost always slow for me – and in trying to raise a little extra money for the coming events – I’ve added a very special hand-embellished giclee to our Etsy store. In the far background is another airship. I’ve also added extra blooms and extra details to the main airship.

On the Cover of Gatehouse Gazette’s Halloween Edition

I’m on the cover of Gatehouse Gazette’s September/October Halloween issue (I’m the one in the middle).

Clockwork Cheshire Cat and Mechanical Moon Men

3 new engravings, three new prints, and some details on what I’ve been up to.

Four New ModoFly Journals

You can buy these unsigned and undoodled in directly through ModoFly at for only $36 (US).

These are comparible to Moleskines, and are really, really nice (and really unique) journals.

Happy Accident – new print available

24×12 canvas giclees of “the Machine” happened by accident today. They fill a good amount of wall space, look beautiful, and are the perfect way to get a giclee of this piece for those unable to buy the huge 48×24 inch version.


Starting tonight at 10PM EST, or sooner, 11×14 prints of the airships will be $23 a piece.

11×14 prints are printed on heavy photographic professional stock with an archival rating of 90+ years. They are printed in archival pigment inks, and coated with a UV, Moisture, and Scratch – resistant surface.

New-found techniques for hand-embellishing fine art prints

Hand-embellishing is something I like to do with the earliest prints of any series, adding a higher degree of unique-ness to the prints within my limited runs.

Up till recently, I’ve had but two techniques at my disposal for the hand-embellishing of prints: First being painting upon canvas or fine-art paper giclees…

Steampunk as an Art Movement

All three seem to center upon this principle: That we are tired of mass marketing and mass production, throwing cash at huge corporations

New Gallery and eCards

After three long days of reprogramming and reconfiguring, I finally have my gallery and greeting cards section up and running here. There are a good number of images up now, and I will try to add more over the coming months. If you wish to send any image as an eCard, simply click the “Send […]


Just a few projects I am picking away at. If you want some step by step images on these, you can go to my flickr account (

fhtagn – 10% off coupon

10% off any purchase this week for using coupon code: fhtagn in my store

This discount applies to original art, and items already on sale as well, a double-discount.

Spooky Smile Mini Trio and Grand Re-opening 10% off

I’ve been working away 30 to 40 hour days to get my store up and running again and completely restocked. I can say that now, aside from t-shirts, comics, and a few other such things which really do not sell much at this venue anyway, everything current is stocked and I am good to go. […]

Coming to this Space

So, the task at hand is to come up with something that can be done by hand, and yet is more awesome than an actual-sized limited edition 200-years archival reproduction

Free WallPaper: Thanks for the Ether (Antarctic Experiment in sepia)

New Steampunk Wallpaper: “The Antarctic Experiment” (Sepia antiqued variant of the original image), 1280 x 1024, from the series “Airships and Tentacles” – a Jules Verne and Hp Lovecraft Inspired series of explorers in dirigibles in precarious situations.

New Limited Edition Giclees

New for summer is an extensive collection of engravings as limited edition giclees on Hahnemuhle


While stretching a giclee, I tore in the canvas on the back a bit, right under where the corner folds over…

Damnit… Now look where the earth is :/

10 rare limited edition prints of this work in progress.

A Glimpse

This is a rather unique print, printed at 12×12 instead of 24×24 – If it hasn’t sold, it is available here It is the proof from the printers, one of four artist’s prints. Two are this size, two are normal size. It is also, were I to put preferred darkness and saturation on a percentage, […]


If it wriggles, flaps, waits beneath the sea, or devours sanity, it is on sale this week in the store or on Etsy. Newly introduced are the limited edition giclee on canvas and open edition metallic of “The Antarctic Experiment”, and also an 11×14 metallic version of “Thulhu”!


Bethalynne Bajema, my fiancee, has been working diligently from her hospital bed – as the result of a recently attempted coup executed by her nefarious organs earlier this week. In this time, sustained only by gallon-sized bottles of earwax-flavored liquid chalk, she has managed to put up a sizable portfolio on her site, including many […]

Antarctic Experiment

“All in all, the experiment was a brilliant success, though it ran for a shorter time than desired. The Resonator had to be shut down prematurely, else we might not have had enough crew to make it comfortably back to port. Over forty Russian tribesmen bravely gave their lives to science this day – a […]

Thoughts for this morning

I have this piece of artwork, pretty much done – but as with all such projects, the closer one gets to being done, the slower the process gets. Having spent so much time on it, I feel it would be a shame to not make it the very most it can possibly be, hoping I […]

Side Project

There will always be side projects here or there. These are things that happen when I have been sitting at the easel or desk too long, or …waiting on files to get back to me from the imaging service. I hate weekends, they only inconvenience those of us who have an evil and sadistic boss […]

The Fantasy Art of Liz Amend

Liz, My brother’s wife, does some amazingly incredible sculpture, of the fantasy art variety. She also has an art book and tutorial book in the works. Her sculptures often tend to sell at $200or more through Ebay Auctions, but now you can buy them at much lower prices, without all the bidding, through her site. […]

Picture Posting

This is one of those three commissions I am (still) working on. One only has one chance to get things perfect before shipping them off, and I hate to let anything go if I am not completely happy with it. So, I am spending more time than anticipated on these to make sure they are […]

Brief Update

The current commissions are coming along quite well, though not quite so quickly. Hopefully I will not be faulted for giving out more work than was bargained for, I really have a hard time letting go of anything I do not find good enough, and that bar tends to raise with each painting, each brush […]

Finished! (for sale at our etsy store)

The Chiropterothopter is an aether-driven mechanical aparatus, made for the collection of blood samples from would-be targets; It is a handy tool for spying, scrying, cursing, or assassination – so easy to use that even a mere doctor of ancient metaphysics would say is only somewhat difficult. Larger images can be seen at the Etsy […]


A piece in the works… still a little bit more to go. I had the container lined in velvet – but that was just enough to make the coffin lid touch the metal fangs. Afterwards, I decided I rather liked the look of the screws – gives the thing more of a toolkit look like […]

Sabicu (engraving) WallPaper

Wallpaper: 1280×1024 made from the engraving “Sabiku”, which is available in my store as an 14×11 Metallic Print, signed and hand-embellished in silver archival ink. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License Addendum: You are definitely free to convert it to a Jpeg or Bitmap to match your […]

Conception Wallpaper

Wallpaper: 1280×1024 made from the piece “Conception”, which is available in my store as a 16×20 Metallic Print, signed in silver archival ink. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License Addendum: You are definitely free to convert it to a Jpeg or Bitmap to match your native environment, […]

A Brief Reminder

If you are planning on purchasing any of the lovecraftian seascape airship prints today, there are a handful on sale at our Etsy store, including giclees, hand-embellished prints, and metallic prints. Some non-airship strange-fiction themed prints are also included. If you have ever wanted a print from my store, and do not have it already, […]

Current progress on commissioned works

For Coni: Sketches and Underpainting (in oil) are completed. Resuming this project as soon as Seth’s commission is done. For Seth: Sketches, Background, Midground, Foreground done. Working on the main subjects today, then added detailing and shading. ETA: Looks like another 5-7 days. For Brian: Board cut, gessoed, and sanded. Research, Sketches working in free […]

Silly Hats Only

Beth evicted herself from the desk the other night so I could paint in some warmth – since it is many months running still with no sign of relief from the cold. I’ve been making much better progress since, especially with my computer being in the basement (not so tempted to obsess over ad campaigns, […]

Head Full of Birds

Steven Archer, of Ego Likeness fame, has a blog for his artwork now: Head Full of Birds. I own several of his works, and I have to say that I love the hell out of them. If you haven’t seen his work through his LJ or his collection of Lovecrafian art over at Weird Tales, […]


More at my Flickr Account These are images of a recent art project – a birdhouse which will be at a late March Art show (featuring myself, Bethalynne Bajema, and others) at the Genuine Artikle in NYC. This piece is not yet completely done, but, it is close enough. Mainly I need to color the […]

10 still available.

Last week, 12 special “Behold the Machine” 53×29-inch Hand-Signed and Hand-Embellished prints with serialized holograms and matching certificates of authenticity were put up for sale. Of the run, all of them hand signed and certified, only these first 12 will be hand-embellished, and I am offering them at the same sale price as the standard […]

Gnaaargh! Oh! The Butter!

The sun is coming up, and I am putting down the paints for the night. I had started a post about my painting process earlier tonight, but it was coming off too much like a tutorial – rather than serving the purpose of stating what my stuffs are made of and what is involved. Tutorials […]

Steampunk Wallpaper: Behold the Machine

I’m submitting this to tonight, but I thought I would offer it here as well. Coming soon will be other wallpapers from my artworks – I plan to do one a week, if all goes well. Though my source images for prints are each over 30,000 pixels wide, and these only 1680 – I […]


On the subject of woodworking – this is Beth’s current project, for an art gallery thingie we will be taking part in March 28th in NYC at the Genuine Artikle – the theme being birdhouses. I know, I pimp her works often – but she is my girlfriend, and a very talented girlfriend who has […]

Midnight Wood and a Blistered Hand

Tonight, I set out to make a quality wooden box out of hard maple – a rather heavy and dense wood. I might never have mentioned before – and by “might” I mean “certainly” of course – but my dad is an expert carpenter and crafter of wood things. I also may not have mentioned, […]

Up for sale, finally

The Original Painting of “The Machine” Available here #I of II Artist Print Giclees available currently on Ebay starting at a greatly reduced price. I’ve held off on putting this one up for sale, because I wanted to sit on it a while before I varnished it… just in case I decided to add any […]

H.M.S. … Commission

Offer Valid through February 20th, as it is only being made to get me home and airfare is rising by the minute. 3 2 commissions are being offered, each for a 24×24 painting in acrylic or in oil of an airship to complete my dirigibles series. Price: $150 The painting will be yours. Shipping within […]

The Spookiest Cheshire Cat Ever

This one is still for sale at the site of the amazing Alex CF; You can also find more images of this utterly incredible piece by following the link. via the Mighty SuperPunch, where there is always too much awesome to relay it all.

James B. Hunt

His art showings are madness. ‘One of the greatest things happening in the art world today. Rather than being a part of the standard gallery process of a*s-rap*ng prospective buyers and artists alike – James prefers to give his works away in these crazed easter-egg hunts. He hides his works all over Tempe Arizona, and […]

Slightly Damaged Prints for Sale – sold

I have a handful of prints that were damaged in shipping, not major damage – just some slight bending of the corners that makes them otherwise unsaleable. 2 [both sold] of which is a 20×10 metallic proof for the latest artwork, “Behold the Machine”. They are test runs, the white point is a bit wide […]

Michael Parkes

I have always thought of Michael Parkes as nothing short of amazing. He and Brom are at the top of my list as living artists are concerned. Watching this video, I am seeing that I can take my works a bit further, shoot a bit higher; Well, I guess I always have that in mind, […]

Behold the Machine

Recently done for Vernian Process – the original painting is 48×24 inches in acrylic on birch panel. The details are tiny, with a lot of single-hair brush work done. There are polar bears the size of dimes, swirls and twirls the size of pin-heads, needle-thin ropes and lines, and a ton of details and hidden […]

New art! …by Bethalynne Bajema!

I am just finishing up that new work for Vernian Process. It has taken many many wonderful years off my life doing so in 24-hour shifts with single-hair brushes and many, many multiple molecule-thin ghostly layers placed carefully in high-detail atop a 48 inch by 24 inch birch wood panel. Prints will be available – […]

Originals on Sale Tonight

Beth and I need to stock up on prints, merchandise, and travelling expenses for Templecon in Providence, RI, where she and I will be guests of honor. To celebrate a rather rough week, All originals are drastically reduced in price! I suppose I need not mention this is a first-come, first serve deal, as there […]

From the Aether

A quick photo post of my latest sculpture, from a short story I am working on.


… for lack of a better name, I don’t think it would actually crawl on its eyeball. The unfinished product. Finished pics at my Flickr account. This is my second clay sculpture ever. The third is light years beyond this one, and in the works. What I am loving about sculpture is that I do […]

Holiday Cutoff

These items that can be ordered through December 18th and still arrive before December 24th: – 11×14 Metallic “H.M.S. Gadreel” Limited Editions Hand Embellished and Hand-Signed Prints. – 11×14 “The Rescue” open edition – Original Artworks – Comic Books – Any prints that are unsigned, unlimited, and do not come with Hahnemuhle certificates of authenticity. […]

Gothic Art Now

There is now a preview available. Not having seen it before publication, I must admit, I was slightly concerned about what caliber artists I might find myself mixed in with, other than Brom. Brom, Bajema, and Santerineross are why I was so incredibly thrilled to be in this piece. I am pleased to say there […]

Sale Ends Today

Through December 10th, I will be running my annual pre-Holidays sale at, my last and biggest sale of the year. Not only does this mean reduced pricing on most every print, but it means that I will be throwing a lot of originals on the table for a limited time, and also at a […]

Last Sale of the Year

December 5th (in about 45 minutes) through December 10th, I will be running my annual pre-Holidays sale. Not only does this mean reduced pricing on most every print, but it means that I will be throwing a lot of originals on the table for a limited time, and also at a reduced price. Now is […]

You thought ultra-violet was invisible?

“We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight. We shall see these things, and other things which no breathing creature has yet seen. We shall overleap time, space, and dimensions, and without bodily motion peer to the bottom of creation!” Slow […]

20,000 Leagues Under

This fine engraving depicts a rather Lovecraftian creature of the deep embracing a submersible craft, much like the Nautilus of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Atop the oceanic mountain in the far background rests an ancient and forgotten temple, marked at its entrance by the sigil of Dagon. Though small, these engravings are […]

Airship “Sabicu”

Airship “Sabicu” – an engraving I did whilst away from my paints and computers.  The linework in the actual piece is near dizzying, and like those intricate patterns on celtic war gear, I’ve been told it does manage to swallow the soul of the viewer (or at least mezmerize them for a little while). Detail of […]

H.M.S. Gadreel Over Icy Seas

This is a limited time, limited edition printing of the airship H.M.S. Gadreel. It is one of a great many details within “Behold the Machine”, a large painting done by Myke Amend for Vernian Process’ upcoming album. The original is painted on a 48 x 24 inch birch panel in acrylics. These are not mere […]

And then there was one…

There is now only one 36×24 Metallic print of “the Rescue” left. However, I am letting the two 36×24 metallic artists prints go (#s I and II)- each coupled with a 16×20 metallic of “Conception”, and a 16×20 Metallic of “Heptameron” – all of which signed and hand-embellished. These two sets are available until November […]

Looking for Things to Review

I am looking for CDs from steampunk genre bands, and books/comic books from steampunk genre, and strange fiction authors to review. I miss having things to write about – I need something more than forwarding on links and videos to steampunk things, or writing about my own artwork and my boring life. I also need more content […]

Timelines for December 23rd Delivery

I thought it might be good to outline these here, in order to prevent people from getting gift items later than needed, and also to let you, who may be wondering if you can still get it in time, know whether or not you can. On Craft Items – Those existing, and some more that Beth […]

Progress Pics for Vernian Process Painting

Blurry pic of the painting as a whole. A bit of work still to go pn the obelisk, background, and foreground elements. Detail of the Airship, which I think I might name theHMS Gadreel for now.

Progress: Done

Available for presale now. It is here in the store, at the Miskatonic Archive, and of course at There is a free 21-page preview here: CAVEAT: It is not for everyone. It is very dark comedy, chaotic, and random – and potentially offensive to most anyone who has ever been offended before. There […]


All pages are drawn. I have two pages remaining to shade. Then I have to draw the cover, put the ads sections together, figure out what sort of extras I want to squeeze in there, add my credits and thank yous, and will probably need to write up a lot of legal clauses about “please […]

Sale continuing.

Beth and I, through work for clients, and a few sales here, managed to get together the money needed to get her out to Michigan – where she is taking care of a large number of animals which were hoarded and terribly in need of, well, everything. Several weeks in, all but 7 of the cats […]


Found Via Rustbeard: More of these works here:STRANDBEEST: Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Sculptures


Beth is away in Michigan taking care of some cats that needed her. I’ve been working 24 hour shifts between the comic and for-pay work, napping out for 5 hours at a time, and planting myself back here again. I felt too tired to work today, BrassGoggles forum is still down, and everything else seems […]


This is a digital piece I have been using to pass the time waiting for my scanner to arrive (hopefully Tuesday). Click the thumbnail, or click here, if you would like to see the full image. I had several variants on this, but I opted for the washed-out less colorful one; with the rich vibrant […]

Details About the Limited Editions

The 36×24 limited edition metallics are near gone. There are 6 left: 3 here and 3 at The Miskatonic Archive, and that will put me at 20 – the limit for the series. The 32×22 giclees are selling as quickly, though there were 50 of those, they will also be gone soon. About the Metallics: […]

Coming Soon

Here are some brief details about things to come, and a even a handful of things that were. Artworks as Prints, Old and New: Old: I have found some art I thought forever lost. I have also remastered some older works to print more boldly and brightly, and have taken to refining some of my […]

“The Rescue” Discount Ends Monday the 18th

The ($255) special-priced editions at Etsy ( have run out… within minutes of posting about it actually. The price will remain at $265 here, on Etsy, and the Miskatonic Archive through Monday, August the 18th before bumping it up to something more sane, simply for the sake of giving fair warning. The 24x36s ($89 – only 10 left) […]

Wakey Wakey

It is almost 4AM – and it has been one whirlwind of a month. Beth is out on family business, and after handling her side of the shipping for less than a week, I have decided that I should really give her a serious raise. The way she packages things, and the speed at which […]

*gasp* an update!

Anymore, it seems my life can be summed up by a ‘to do list’, which I suppose is much better than the past decades where I could have used a ‘not to do list’ to work by. Once in a while, I think to myself that I must have been more interesting as an insane […]

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