The Weird

The Machine 48 x 24 Limited Signed Steampunk Art Giclee on Canvas

**Ships Rolled Outside of the US, stretched and Mounted Inside of the US**

This is the second painting in the strange-fiction steampunk art series “Airships and Tentacles” wherein the works of, concepts of, and influences from Jules Verne and H.P. Lovecraft intermingle.

The image was commissioned for Josh Pfeiffer of Vernian Process, and it includes the HMS Gadreel above an icy sea investigating a strange and perhaps long-forgotten and possibly alien craft. Ghostly figures twist and turn within the mists, clouds, icebergs, and waves.

These 50 giclees are printed in Epson Ultra Chrome k3 archival inks on high-quality 350 g/m2 gloss canvas. They are uv-sealed for a longevity of about 200+ years, hand-signed, and gallery-wrapped. They are documented with a hologrammed and serialized certificates of authenticity from Hahnemuhle, with a matching hologram affixed to the work.

Price: $499.00

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Red Queen 36×18 inch Giclee on Canvas

When Elizabeth turned her eyes to the light, she froze solid and still, like a wild doe caught in the high beams of an oncoming car.

It was then that she began to wail, in a terrifying and unearthly tone; And it was then I realized that the sirens ringing loudly throughout the valley were not sirens at all, but the sound of other fleeing humans, their spirits trapped by the seeking lanterns of the floating leviathans above.

Cloaked figures with ashen faces, bathed in crimson, floated through the surrounding brush, guided by the eerie signals of their human prey. I could barely summon the courage to whisper “I’m sorry”, gazing horrified and heartbroken into Elizabeth’s tear-filled eyes as I silently mouthed my regret, then ran stumbling into the darkness.

“The Red Queen” was painted in finger-painting, hand spatters, sponges, fast brush strokes, flung paint, toothbrushes, and most anything else handy, including feathers …but not the chicken.

The original painting is 48 x 24 inches in acrylic on birch. These 25 giclees are printed on canvas in 200 year archival pigment inks and UV sealed/protected.

**Ships Rolled Outside of the US, stretched and Mounted Inside of the US**

Price: $325.00

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Freaky Tiki Original Painting

18×24 inches on wood panel, painted in acrylic on wood panel for the Freaky Tiki Lowbrow Luau at Ice Cream Gallery and Toys.

Price: $1,200.00

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Airships and Tentacles – The Strange-Fiction Art of Myke Amend (book)

Over the past months I have been tapping away at keys, collecting scans of artworks old and new and even a lot of forgotten works, in order to make a very intensive book of my works to date.

At first, it was only going to be the Airships and Tentacles series, but I began to use “lost” artworks for section endings, and decided I should include old paintings from before the series, as well as all of those pieces I have worked on during the series as album covers, book covers, commissions, illustrations, or things I did during the series just to clear my head and work on something different. It even includes a few samplings from my-yet-to-be-published literary works, and some pieces I’ve done relating to the works of others (Voltaire, Clive Barker, Dexter Palmer, Bethalynne Bajema, and others), and collections of doodles and sketches to decorate text pages (such as the Table of Contents, Words from the Artist and other sections)

The book has a cover specially designed by Bethalynne Bajema from my existing artwork, and I *love* what she did with it.

This product now ships directly from the publisher unless it is ordered with prints.

Click here to view as a PDF online through Issue

Old Price: $29.00

Price: $25.00

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Steampunk Illustration, Pop Surrealism, Fantastic Realism, Speculative Fiction, Horror art