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Silly Hats Only

Beth evicted herself from the desk the other night so I could paint in some warmth – since it is many months running still with no sign of relief from the cold.

I’ve been making much better progress since, especially with my computer being in the basement (not so tempted to obsess over ad campaigns, client invoices, and item view counts).

I put the painting down for today, as she needed to get some sleep, and understandably so.

I will show you pictures soon. Some of which will not be fuzzy pictures of my nether regions.

A relative’s car has been in the shop off and on for months now, last broken down state has lasted weeks. I am sure the mechanic feeds it treats every time it comes back to the shop. I should cut off his hands and feed them to the squirrel, but I won’t, not today.

Well, the relative needs work transportation. We’d just lend her the car, but she is afraid of it – which probably has something to do with all the people it runs over. So, getting up at 6AM on a night’s notice tends to mean being antsy over needing to sleep, and drifting off at 5:45. Beth tries to sleep, I stay up all night so I can get her moving, and ride with her or drive. I would just go in her stead – but my glasses are 8 years old, it is a long drive with a lot of turns, and I doubt I would make it back all that easily -if at all, though I would have a great excuse to not stop for cops: “Sorry young man, but I can’t see a thing! [clipping my credit card to his ticket board and writing in a tip]. You’d better not have forgotten my egg rolls this time!”

I’ve decided to try to stay up the day and get to bed at a normal person hour, because I want to see what they are up to one of these days, as I know they are up to something. This schedule has really been making it hard to manage schedules, tough to get enough done – both of us, zombies through the day, managing nothing useful at all save for noggin-chomping and clawing at badly boarded windows. The neighbors hate us.

So, this morning, I have been treating myself to some world conquering… Risk II… ‘not that exciting when you’ve tried every combination of generals, every handicap, every play option – more of a method of relaxing at this point. I still have Heroes 5 uncompleted on the other machine, never bought any expansions for it either.

I promised myself I would play it again when I had a day or two to sink into such things… it was new when I set it down… in 2005?

If I ever win the lottery, I’d be tempted to lock myself in a cabin for a few weeks with every RPG and strategy game I have missed over the last 20 years, every movie that has been in and out of theaters, a 200-lb brick of beef jerky, a man-sized wheel of cheese, and maybe even some of that water stuff – since milk and soda don’t keep too well. I’d look like Grizzly Adams. I’d also have a bear, who I’ve already named “Larry”. He eats furries, else he gets no desert. I guess I would have to get my caffeine through bleeding door-to-door missionaries dry with a pointy straw – the likes of those straws that we, as children, used for pinning shiny bags of fruit-scented sugar-water to the palms of our hands… every day at lunch… screaming, bloodily, “I LOVE SHINY FRUIT JUICE! YEAAARGGHHH!”

Meh. If I know myself, I’d probably end up spending it all on hit men and singing telegrams singing hitmen, a cask of amontillado, a bucket of mortar mix, and a clown suit.

On that note: I’ve noticed a lot of people, saying “Happy Birthday” to me and similar things, both real people, and internet models, even though my real birthday is not for at least another ten years. Still, it’s the thought that counts – that thought being “buy me a pony!”… or better yet, buy yourself something shiny!

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      I wonder if it tastes at all like radios?

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